March 29, 2010


Dear friends,

As you have noticed it's been a while since my last update here. I am working on a proper site/portfolio (seeing as the gallery is too slow with keeping their promises), which I hope will provide an elegant and comprehensive insight into my work. Many thanks to all the friends and colleagues who lend their helping hand here! I love you all.

I am also planning to finally get down to my lithography project (I know many of you look forward to the results) after I am through with all the lined up commissions. I will definitely be selling litho prints on the site as well.

Also, Aurora Borealis is releasing a special vinyl version of the acclaimed Horseback album (released last year by Utech) . It is a great chance to hear the analogue version of the beautiful songs by Jenks Miller and witness The Moment of Truth drawing at the right scale: The Invisible Mountain